April 19, 2012



Adieu Beaulieu

July 29, 2012

The Eels used to sing that “You’re dead but the world keeps spinning”.
I guess it’s important that the VideoMaking & WebSharing Subcommittee ends with its contributions to a contamination between street-art/popular culture and institutional communication. Still, it shouldn’t stop spinning.

All the video made by the VM&WS SubCommittee during these 5 amazing months will be available on Connected starting September.

Click here or on the image below to watch the last one.

vimeo http://vimeo.com/46433942

“I’m gonna fly on down for the
Last stop to this town
I’m gonna fly on down
Then fly away on my way”

Eels, “Last stop: this town”

It’s over, it’s over, its never going to stop.


Small Brussels

July 22, 2012


“Small Brussels” gathers a selection of pictures, which a cellphone has accidentally taken during a traineeship.
As part of the ”VideoMaking & WebSharing” Project (videotrainees.wordpress.com), it aims at promoting the contamination betwenn StreetArt/Popular Culture and institutional communication.

You may laugh now, but one day we’ll be in charge…

MYWikipedia: MY or my commonly refers to the first-person, possessive adjective in the English language, see I.

The Dir H Party Trilogy

July 15, 2012

It has been a great party.


Some people at DG INFSO, oops, DG CONNECT, is used to say “Dir H is such a cool directorate!”: young, energic, proactive people.
Maybe it’s a matter of destiny, a fabulous destiny.

Come on, who believes in destiny anymore?
The truth is that a dynamic environment around you is an incentive to do more, to do better.
Happiness is the only form of conformism that doesn’t sound lame, right?

The Dir H Party Trilogy is to remind how cool some jobs can be.

What the Umbrella is about
The umbrella is a proposal for a new complementary communication strategy at DG CONNECT.
In the short-term (Fall 2012), it aims at creating a Web-Tv on Jive, the new internal platform of our DG.

Curious to know how this project will make your DG a better place where to work?
Click on the Umbrella: it will open!

Original image from Wikipedia

Mario Balotelli is not a pop-hero because he led his national selection to tonight’s Eurocup final.
Mario Balotelli is a European pop-hero because he gives the simple impression of giving a damn about nothing.

Would he appear so often on international newspapers if he weren’t so talented? Would he, if he weren’t so black?
Talking to a pop-icon (but not that heroic), Noel Gallagher, he states very clearly: all those people that talk about me don’t know anything about me. Most importantly, it must be said, they don’t care.

They tell Mario “you can’t waste your talent!” or “You have to be a model for young generations”.
And he is, teaching young kids, as another Italian pop-hero used to say, that conformism is always a language of power, which is always a lie: isn’t there always somebody telling you what the best for you is?

Now some Italian politics advocate approving a new law in favor of the citizenship of immigrants’ born-in-Italy children.
It’s amazing how brilliant not-100% made in Italy people have to be, in order to start being regarded as worthy of dignity.

Mario Balotelli probably knows that he has to score three goals in the final if he really wants to improve the life of thousands black-yellow-red non citizens in his hysteric country. He probably knows as well that, in case, such a gratitude by the supporters (perhaps the same Juventus supporters that use to sing “there are no black Italians!”) would not last.
Lucky him, he doesn’t care too much anyway.

A pop-hero never talks in the name of the people.
The people follows him/her, whatever he says, whether he talks or not.

Every Digital European

June 24, 2012

The Digital Agenda Assembly 2012, 21-22 June, Brussels.
Hold on, Europe, Hold on.

During the most interesting workshop, the one about social media, someone asked the representative from Facebook Europe about the interoperability of social platforms.
As for what concerns the majority of social phenomena, the meaning originates from definitions.
Wasn’t the same DAA a “social platform” and isn’t its interoperability the real criterium to judge the success of its purpose: to make every European digital?

Commissioner for DAE Neelie Kroes during the DAA plenary session

The question at stake: is it possible to prevent a space-time defined event from establishing an exclusively self-referential system of communication, with regards to Niklas Luhmann’s theories?
In simpler terms: if the “digital Europeans” try to make the other Europeans digital, can be the meeting of them interoperable enough to communicate the importance of tweetting to people that don’t even know what a tweet is?
Was the DAA an event of public interest for a public that was not only the one of the DAA itself?

The interoperability of social platforms is a big dilemma, but at the same time “it’s politics, baby”, it’s nothing that new, still it continues being important. And the trust we’ll be able to inspire, about our ability to solve such a dilemma, might not be enough to bring economy recovery back to the Old continent: still, we need it so bad.

Less than every night I dream of

What do we need to be more infographical?
We need public licenses, easy-accessible music archives, shared mash-up tecniques.

We need a European legal framework for a wiser Intellectual Property regulation.

Dir H goes to Hollywood

June 10, 2012

Morten was on Mission.
We wanted him to know how happy were the last days at Directorate H..
Those were not happy days for all, though.

During the same hours I was working on the editing, Spain was walking towards the bail-out.
I hope that this only apparently happy-go-lucky video, which was made at a 0-euro cost and consumed not more than 5 minutes for each “actor” or “actress”,
might stress the importance of the Union in our daily work at the Commission.

You don’t have the password?
I’m sorry, that means you are less cool than you thought..

If you cannot watch it, please try with this link

Watch the extended version of “Dir H goes to Hollywood” (it includes credits).
Please watch it on Firefox because the “other one” is just the worst browser ever.

If you cannot watch it, please try with this link



[From the public discussion on the “Digital Agenda for Europe” platform]

Do you remember Marvin, the Paranoid Android from Douglas Adams’ famous fiction “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy“?
Marvin is a deeply depressed robot, whose highly performing potential is never given the chance to use.

Don’t you think that also the economic and technological potential of standards remains highly unexpressed?
Don’t you think that ICT standards might get depressed soon?

Don’t you think that the problem with an open and voluntary definition of interoperability lies upon the challenging communication of what standards are and why they are so important, with respect to the social challenges that the EU is facing today (here we specifically refer to standards in the fields of eHealth, eGovernment, Smart Cities, and IT Security)?

ICT standards might be able to solve many of the major problems of the Universe, except communicating such an extraordinary ability.

That’s why we need a magic, a magic square.

Unfortunately, the magic square alone is not sufficient.
The magic square is just the beginning.
Standards have to be built in an open, transparent, and consensual way.

That’s why DG INFSO invites you to a public discussion.
For you, we have few questions related to ICT standards in the mentioned fields.
Your feedback will allow us to write an intergalactic guide that might prevent ICT standards from getting depressed.

Just remember one thing:

DJ, play a song for the Lover, tonight” – Richard Ashcroft used to sing – “I don’t know when this train’s gonna stop..”
We, as trainees, don’t know much about the final destination either.
However, we are gonna be leavers soon, leavers again.

We make videoclips to remember that we have to forget about the time we have to spend together, in a work-social environment, in a big family such as the Commission. We have to forget to forgive the leavers. We make a video to tell them about it.


Puff Daddy feat. Faith Evans: I’ll be missing you (Sting, Todd Gaither, Faith Evans – Bad Boy Records)