It grows

May 6, 2012

Espace Blanche“, contemporary art gallery, hosts a new young talent every month, in the open space you find behind the Grand Place, rue du marché au charbon, Bruxelles.
For the whole month of May “Espace Blanche” will give the floor to Sebastien Gairaud, Beaux Arts student from the South of France, who exposes in the capital city for his first time.

“‘Croissance’ (growth) here defines not only the organic state of these drawings that develop on leaves, but also the way ideas flourish and interact to each other in order to shape new figures and forms”, his presentation reads.

This exploration draws its raw materials from natural sciences, but also maths, physics, geography, digital technologies, and so on. As many dimensions that are connected to each other as well as to Arts (because of a continue questioning of the world around us, a world that we are keen to know from different angles), as possible points of view around the same object.”


It’s interesting how contemporary communication follows similar patterns of development, until it seems not possible anymore to distinguish the roots from which the leaves (a mass message) originated.
Multimedia-popular-street-institutional-visual-info communication grows up and never dies because it was never actually born.


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