If you find yourself on a lonely island, do the creep

May 13, 2012

Close to the first BILLION of views of their channel, the American trio “Lonely Island” gave an official interview to Youtube.

The guys were asked about the genesis of their greatest hits, from “Jizz in my pants” to “Dick in a Box” (feat. Justin Timberlake), from “I just had sex” to “Like a boss“.

Most importantly, they were asked about the difference between web and TV success.
Simple, banal: TV gives money, on condition that you have an extraordinary success on the web before, which gives you all freedom but no money.

Not differently than any form of mainstream power, TV doesn’t like to take any risk: let’s have success with what has already succeeded.
What are the reasons of “The lonely island” success, though?
We believe that, not differently than in most cases of life, it lies upon smartness.
The trio gets their communicational power from the contrast between a “serious” mise en scène and popular (gross) linguistic expressions.

As our favorite track – “Ras Trent” (“A reggae song about the plight of being a white, upperclass, Ivy League Rasta”) – testifies, it might even be easy to analyze contradictions in a consumerist society. Nonetheless, what is astonishing, to the point to call it “talent”, is the ability to give back this complexity through a simple (therefore, effective) image.

The reduction of (political-social-cultural) complexity through audiovisuals is what we intend by “v-ideology”.


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