Why Mario Balotelli is a pop-hero

July 1, 2012

Mario Balotelli is not a pop-hero because he led his national selection to tonight’s Eurocup final.
Mario Balotelli is a European pop-hero because he gives the simple impression of giving a damn about nothing.

Would he appear so often on international newspapers if he weren’t so talented? Would he, if he weren’t so black?
Talking to a pop-icon (but not that heroic), Noel Gallagher, he states very clearly: all those people that talk about me don’t know anything about me. Most importantly, it must be said, they don’t care.

They tell Mario “you can’t waste your talent!” or “You have to be a model for young generations”.
And he is, teaching young kids, as another Italian pop-hero used to say, that conformism is always a language of power, which is always a lie: isn’t there always somebody telling you what the best for you is?

Now some Italian politics advocate approving a new law in favor of the citizenship of immigrants’ born-in-Italy children.
It’s amazing how brilliant not-100% made in Italy people have to be, in order to start being regarded as worthy of dignity.

Mario Balotelli probably knows that he has to score three goals in the final if he really wants to improve the life of thousands black-yellow-red non citizens in his hysteric country. He probably knows as well that, in case, such a gratitude by the supporters (perhaps the same Juventus supporters that use to sing “there are no black Italians!”) would not last.
Lucky him, he doesn’t care too much anyway.

A pop-hero never talks in the name of the people.
The people follows him/her, whatever he says, whether he talks or not.


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