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Document Freedom Day

April 15, 2012

The Video-Making & Web-Sharing Subcommittee presents the sum up of the Document Freedom Day at the European Parliament, Bruxelles (28th of March 2012).
The initiative aimed at raising awareness about the importance of interoperability in the development of a single European digital market.

The complete streaming of the conference is available at the following address

The VideoMaking & WebSharing aims at exploring the possible contamination between institutional and grassroots forms of communication, toward a more democratic access to the power of voice.
One basic requirement to establish such a bridge is a wider access to technology, both in terms of property and know-how.

We are all fakes
Who argues that professionals are supposed to take care of communication is missing the point: a professional as well as a non-professional (still, not less serious) are complementary to the development of common good practices, towards a knowledge spill-over effect.

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