What the Umbrella is about
The umbrella is a proposal for a new complementary communication strategy at DG CONNECT.
In the short-term (Fall 2012), it aims at creating a Web-Tv on Jive, the new internal platform of our DG.

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Every Digital European

June 24, 2012

The Digital Agenda Assembly 2012, 21-22 June, Brussels.
Hold on, Europe, Hold on.

During the most interesting workshop, the one about social media, someone asked the representative from Facebook Europe about the interoperability of social platforms.
As for what concerns the majority of social phenomena, the meaning originates from definitions.
Wasn’t the same DAA a “social platform” and isn’t its interoperability the real criterium to judge the success of its purpose: to make every European digital?

Commissioner for DAE Neelie Kroes during the DAA plenary session

The question at stake: is it possible to prevent a space-time defined event from establishing an exclusively self-referential system of communication, with regards to Niklas Luhmann’s theories?
In simpler terms: if the “digital Europeans” try to make the other Europeans digital, can be the meeting of them interoperable enough to communicate the importance of tweetting to people that don’t even know what a tweet is?
Was the DAA an event of public interest for a public that was not only the one of the DAA itself?

The interoperability of social platforms is a big dilemma, but at the same time “it’s politics, baby”, it’s nothing that new, still it continues being important. And the trust we’ll be able to inspire, about our ability to solve such a dilemma, might not be enough to bring economy recovery back to the Old continent: still, we need it so bad.

Less than every night I dream of

What do we need to be more infographical?
We need public licenses, easy-accessible music archives, shared mash-up tecniques.

We need a European legal framework for a wiser Intellectual Property regulation.