Small Brussels

July 22, 2012


“Small Brussels” gathers a selection of pictures, which a cellphone has accidentally taken during a traineeship.
As part of the ”VideoMaking & WebSharing” Project (, it aims at promoting the contamination betwenn StreetArt/Popular Culture and institutional communication.

You may laugh now, but one day we’ll be in charge…

MYWikipedia: MY or my commonly refers to the first-person, possessive adjective in the English language, see I.


[From the public discussion on the “Digital Agenda for Europe” platform]

Do you remember Marvin, the Paranoid Android from Douglas Adams’ famous fiction “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy“?
Marvin is a deeply depressed robot, whose highly performing potential is never given the chance to use.

Don’t you think that also the economic and technological potential of standards remains highly unexpressed?
Don’t you think that ICT standards might get depressed soon?

Don’t you think that the problem with an open and voluntary definition of interoperability lies upon the challenging communication of what standards are and why they are so important, with respect to the social challenges that the EU is facing today (here we specifically refer to standards in the fields of eHealth, eGovernment, Smart Cities, and IT Security)?

ICT standards might be able to solve many of the major problems of the Universe, except communicating such an extraordinary ability.

That’s why we need a magic, a magic square.

Unfortunately, the magic square alone is not sufficient.
The magic square is just the beginning.
Standards have to be built in an open, transparent, and consensual way.

That’s why DG INFSO invites you to a public discussion.
For you, we have few questions related to ICT standards in the mentioned fields.
Your feedback will allow us to write an intergalactic guide that might prevent ICT standards from getting depressed.

Just remember one thing: