your trainees are calling.
We have been working very hard lately. Doing much more than turning slides.
Now we want to continue this hard work and launch the first DG CONNECT Web-TV ever.
We want the Umbrella Project to be a collective initiative, though.
That is why we are asking for your support.

First of all, please read below what the Umbrella is about.
If you think that the next fall will require an umbrella, here in Beaulieu, we hope you don’t mind about giving us 10 seconds of your time.

Don’t worry: we’ll come chasing you.
You just have to confess to our camera how much you need the umbrella.

Then, open it…

What the Umbrella is about
The umbrella is a proposal for a new complementary communication strategy at DG CONNECT.
In the short-term (Fall 2012), it aims at creating a Web-Tv on Jive, the new internal platform of our DG.

Curious to know how this project will make your DG a better place where to work?
Click on the Umbrella: it will open!

Original image from Wikipedia


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